Meet the Team.


“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!” – Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.

Ala Tyrell
Hamilton, NZ.

My name is Ala Tyrell, I’m a mother of 4. I was raised in New Zealand but I’m currently living in Melbourne, Australia. My life has been a sinful, yet blessed roller-coaster ride. As a teen mum, I have been labelled with many colorful names and judged by my past throughout my adult years, even when I managed to get my “dream job” as a flight attendant, many still associated my name with embarrassment and shame. My past was dark, but my future has become brighter now that I spend my present chasing the “Son”. Living away from my family and friends, raising my young babies alone, has challenged me to strengthen my faith and give all my struggles as a woman, a mother and a Christian to God. I am far from perfect but I wanted to share my spiritual growth with my Spiritual Sisters around the world, and I am honored to have my sisters Vangee and Tee join me on our mission to inspire other women to Embrace, Encourage and Empower each other to either start, strengthen or sharpen their walk with Jesus Christ.

Much love,


Evangeleen Leulusoo
Team Member
Sydney, AU.

Hi there, My name is Evangeleen, although most call me Vangee. I’m a mother of 8 children (whom I share a mutual interest in with my husband.) Currently, we’re residing in Sydney, Australia. However it’s only temporary as we continue to live our lives through God’s purpose in hopes of becoming citizens in our true homeland where there’s no more pain, suffering and 2 year old tantrums. Although I’m miles and miles away from being the perfect parent, God has never failed us throughout our sometimes chaotic life as a family of 10. As everyone has their own individual journey, I’m willing to share mine with all my fellow mothers out there who may find themselves on the same kind of road as I. On our own, we are far from perfect – but by becoming rooted in Christ it’s only through His strength are our weaknesses made perfect.

I’m honored to be part of the Spiritual Sisters team and pray that the collaboration of our journeys endevour to embrace, empower and encourage us all to stay strong and faithful in our spiritual walk with our Lord.

With love,

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Tiana Noelani
Team Member
California, US.

Hello everyone! My name is Tiana. I am a mother, student, and help run our family business. Growing up in a Christian household it didn’t cross my mind to challenge whether God is real. I knew it, I heard about it, and I “believed” it. It wasn’t until I had became pregnant with my son when I had really felt the presence of God move in my life- it was surreal. After rededicating my life to the Lord and had begun wholeheartedly seeking after him Ive been on this uphill journey with the Lord. Though I still have a lot to learn and grow from; I am confident that if you open and allow yourself to invite God into your life- he will transform you. I am blessed and honored to be apart of Spiritual Sisters. Our testimonies not only inspire each other but pray it encourages you too. It is our prayer that this blog may be used as a platform to share the word of God and encourage each other.

Love & blessings,