Meet and Greet.

“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” – Psalm 119:50

Ala Tyrell
Melbourne, Australia.

My name is Ala Tyrell, I’m a mother of 4. I was raised in New Zealand but I’m currently living in Melbourne, Australia. My life has been a sinful, yet blessed roller-coaster ride. As a teen mum, I have been labelled with many colorful names and judged by my past throughout my adult years, even when I managed to get my “dream job” as a flight attendant, many still associated my name with embarrassment and shame. My past was dark, but my future has become brighter now that I spend my present chasing the “Son”. Living away from my family and friends, raising my young babies alone, has challenged me to strengthen my faith and give all my struggles as a woman, a mother and a Christian to God. I am far from perfect but I wanted to share my spiritual growth with my Spiritual Sisters around the world and spread my vision to inspire other women to Embrace, Encourage and Empower each other to either start, strengthen or sharpen their walk with Jesus Christ.

Much love,