Save some compliments for yourself.

Too many of us are quick to give them out, yet we save the hate and doubt for ourselves.

Speak love into your being.

No matter how much you hate your nose or the way your thighs touch or the way you can’t look or live up to society’s expectations of “beauty”,
protect your heart.

Your heart is where the true essence of your beauty lies.

What you choose to observe with your eyes, what you choose to hear with your ears, what you choose to believe in your mind and what you choose to absorb into your being, can potentially seep into your heart and mould you into a beauty or a beast.

So be careful what you allow or put up with in your life. Surround yourself with the lovers, the nice people, the wise, the caring, the believers.

You are what you speak 💖

Focus on your own business.

These days, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing lives and becoming envious of what others have when you have platforms like social media, where you get to see stories on snapchat or instagram, holiday pics on facebook and for some reason, that reminded me of window shopping.

Let’s just say we’re all business owners.

One day, you come across a fancy looking shop.

From the outside looking in, it looks very appealing and clean. Perfect in every way, no mess, no stress, every mannequin dressed to impress.

You walk into their store and straight away, you’re attracted to all the great vibes and signs they’re giving you.


You start feeling down and sad thinking about your own business, it’s not as fancy and it’s not in good condition or located in a nice area like this one.

So you start investing so much of your thoughts and energy wanting everything in that store for your own shop.

You’re almost sold on everything you see, but the closer you get to read the signs it says:

“CLEARANCE SALE… red marked items only.”

“NOTHING OVER $10….. faulty or damaged.”

“BUY 1 GET 1 FREE….only on selected styles.”

You then realise, this shop isn’t what you expected or what they made it out to be. You wished you had more faith in your own shop with all the doubt and shame you started thinking, when the fancy shop had problems just like yours, they were just better at disguising it.

Moral of the story is – Everything isn’t what it seems.

Some people like to advertise and promote all the great things that are happening in their lives, but put all the things that they’re not so confident about or proud of in small print, where it’s hardly noticable.

The truth is, all our shops could do with a bit of work, but instead of competing with eachother, we need to work together and not be afraid to open up to others and learn from eachothers mistakes.

Every shop is unique and we all have different things to offer, so don’t worry about what others have or do with their business, focus on your own and work on what you can bring to the market.

And remember “Nothing comes to sleepers, but a dream” – George Veikoso

If you want a fancy shop, work hard for it.
If you’re content with what you have, thank God for it.

God doesn’t want us to impress eachother, He wants us to love one another and be more like Jesus.

So don’t let the life your neighbour is living get you down, just focus on your own journey and keep striving for that eternal crown🙏


Upskill, Uplift, Uphold.


Don’t be two-faced. Introduce the gossiper in you, to the gospel in you.

Be the kind of woman that brings women together, not the kind of woman that holds the bridge to unite everyone but continues to play the role of the troll.

Go out of your way to escape from the sin, instead of making others feel uncomfortable in their skin.

Pray for God’s direction and blessings on your new ventures, pray for perserverance and passion in existing ones and pray for strength and guidance in any failed ones.

It is better to try on many hats and fail with God in your life, than to have too many faces and succeed with satan by your side.

Be you and be true and let God handle the rest🙌


Brother, PLEASE!

textgram_1507770064One thing that really irks me with some guys is this –

They always talking bout they want a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed, but they want to be a freak in the bed, in the shed, and every where else chillin with Fred and Ted paying strippers for some head or hitting anything thats spreads! 👀

Brother PLEASE!😏

If you want to attract a lady in the streets and a freak in sheets, you better be a gentlemen in the streets and a beast in the bed.

If you want a spiritual sister, you better be a spiritual brother.

If you want “wifey material” make sure you ain’t no “fabricated husband”.

You want a girl that can cook like your mum, ask your mum to teach you how to cook.

Don’t ask for that kind of woman, if you don’t possess the qualities to attract and keep that kind of woman.

Don’t make us feel inadequate as women, when you don’t even qualify to be a man.

But back to original question on how to find a Spiritual Sister?

Spiritual sisters are so invested in their journey with God, that you have to go to Him to get through to her.

Nothings more attractive to us than a God-fearing man, a faithful lover and a great father 🙌 everything else is a bonus!

Declare it or Risk it.

A precautionary measure for every traveller is the provision of quarantine bins; for any last minute declaration of prohibited items from entering the country. Declaring the “bad stuff” saves you from not only a whopper of a fine, but also the embarrassment of having your luggage thoroughly searched in public (especially if you’re like me and pack like a 2 year old.)

In a way, we’re offered a lifetime to “declare” all our weaknesses that bounds us from a life of spiritual freedom. A chance to declare the sins which prohibits us from entering His kingdom.

Holding a grudge from 2009?
Declare it sister.

Jealous of a friends brand new car? Sir, please declare.

Living through worldly pleasures while ignoring the eternal treasure? My dear, quarantines this way.

By faith in Jesus’ name – let’s declare all that hold us back from eternal life with Him. Don’t go declaring it to a friend of a friend – they’ll only declare it back in your face. But declare it at the feet of Jesus – it’s hidden there and disposed of safely without the risk of broken confidentiality. Declare in the name of Jesus, and see you on the other side 😉❤️

Your daughter is watching you. What kind of woman are you raising?

As mothers, we are usually (but not always) our daughters first example of what a woman is.

Our words, our actions and our very being are being observed through the eyes of our innocent yet curious daughters who are often mistaken as “just kids” so we think they don’t understand. But love and hate don’t need an explaination to be understood. As the saying goes “actions speak louder than words” so everything we do and say echoes through our home and rest in our babies hearts.

We and the women we choose to surround ourselves with, set the standards of how they expect a woman “should” act or be treated.

So please be conscious of the decisions you make in your life and invest in your childrens manners, their health, their education, their friends and their general well being as it not only stops at them, those traits and habits get passed onto their children and their grandchildren and so on.

I for one am far far faaaaar from a perfect example and still have a lot to learn as a mother and a woman but for starters, I’m not following the rules of the world anymore, I’m trusting in God’s word and my prayers to guide me and my family and trying my best to protect their innocence in a world that is trying to expose our children to satan’s work quicker than you can eat a snicker 😩

Our children are our future and most women (not all) have a big influence in how things are run in the household, although we may not be the head of the family, we are the heart and the strength of our home so let your daughter see who God made you to be ✊💖👑

Let God turn your temporary pain into eternal gain. 

wp-image-1826496119Pain. It can come in the form of a problem, an injury, illness especially a tragic loss.

I share my most recent pain with you (not for sympathys sake) but to testify that during a time I felt most guilty and unworthy, God shows His power through our struggle. Four days ago, a blessing I had growing inside of me had separated from my womb at 3.5 months. Filled with so much grief, I had also lost a monstrous amount of blood. The doctor notified that without a blood transfusion, my survival was in question. In a daze from a critical low blood pressure, the room just kept spinning as my Mum held me in comfort. The nurse (God bless her) must have sensed my hesitation because she then took that opportunity to ask “Do you go to church? You believe in God?” I just nodded towards her blurry silhouette. “Then you must know that we can’t ask God to take our problems away. But we can ask Him to give us a way through them.” I knew my only choice was to sign for the blood transfusion if I ever wanted to see my kids again (whom at the time left for QLD with their father.) I got through the transfusion and am now recovering both physically and emotionally. It’s a pain that was out of my control, but I could either praise my way through it, or turn rogue and blame the world. That day, I let go and let God. He gave me the human support I needed through friends and family. But mostly, He reminded me of His promises and love for those who stay faithful to Him. 
In times of trials, it’s easy to fall into the “woe is me” trap and question why God allows such pain. But we shan’t be ashamed to delight in our weakness. Let’s not feel discouraged to praise through our troubles. That’s the best place God works His power and miracles through. The place we feel ashamed to reveal in fear of being judged. The dark corners we entrap ourselves in when we feel unworthy or not good enough through the eyes of society.

God sees and knows all – He only wants to see if we trust Him enough to give it ALL to Him. Once we do, we are free to boast and glorify in HIS NAME because His righteousness covers our imperfections. Let’s not waste our pain, but let God turn it into eternal gain.

I’m worth it.

Stop bending over backwards for guys that can’t be upfront with you.

Don’t drop everything in a heartbeat for a guy that won’t lift you up in a heartbreak.

Why you tripping over a guy whose chasing other girls?

You don’t need to get into his bed, to get ahead.

Don’t leave a good man for a guy that wants a “bad bitch”.

I’m tired of seeing women being disrespected and unappreciated by some men.

No amount of years in a relationship is worth your tears. No amount of sex is worth the pain. No amount of money is worth your dignity. No amount of man is worth your woman!

We deserve to be loved right, we deserve to be held tight. We deserve someone to be there for us in the day and through the night.

Don’t waste your time questioning is he worth all the pain and shame he’s putting you through.

Naaaaw sis, are YOU worth all the pain and shame he’s putting you through!

Stop sitting on the fence of self doubt and start standing up on the roof of self love!

We are worth it ✊

Kill’em with kindness.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I don’t like to see my child being mistreated, I mean who does? Regardless of who is in the right or wrong, there is no reason for a parent to sit back and do nothing while their kid is hitting, snatching and saying mean things to other kids.

Today my daughter Losalia was playing with a cushion at Latitude (similar to chipmunks) when a boy (5-6yo) tries to snatch it off her. She clearly shows that she still wants it by holding onto it and they both start wrestling over it. At this point I’m thinking ok maybe the parent of that child isn’t watching so I go up to Losalia and this boy is saying “give it to me” and manages to steal it off her. So she tries to grab his foot as he goes up the ladder and is pulling him down and only at this point does his parent/caregiver show up and says to me “kids will be kids” and smiles and I fake smile back and say “it’s ok to Losalia, find something else”.

If anyone knows my baby Losalia, she is one of the most soft hearted kids you’ll ever meet. Doesn’t like confrontation or anyone fighting, so of course she went on to find something else, which broke my heart. Anyways, there are only 3 of these cushions that boy and another girl he was playing with had all 3. My baby started following them for a cushion and they were saying “go away weirdo” and “get lost you can’t play with us” numerous times and loud enough for all parents and other kids to hear and still no one said anything, so at this point my blood is boiling!!!! Then they dropped one cushion and Losalia managed to grab it and once again the boy and girl snatched it and ran off. I waited awhile to see if their parents would tell them off and no, still sitting there on their phones and chatting. So I get up, go up to both kids, snatch all 3 cushions and say “you snatch these off my daughter again, and you watch what I’ll do to you” (I wish I was mature enough not to say that but I’m not lol) and I gave them all to Losalia and she was so happy to have the cushions. I go to sit back down right next to the parents and not one of them said anything! I was so angry I felt like there was steam coming out of my ears cause of how hot my face felt. I was sitting there thinking shame on those little brats, only to look up and see my baby Losalia giving one cushion to the boy and the other to the girl and keeping the one she originally had! Which melted my heart so much! She put me and the other parents to shame with her one act of kindness 😦

I know this was super long but I just wanted to share this with everyone. Sometimes we think our babies can’t handle themselves and even though they’re being mistreated sometimes it helps them learn to be stronger or shows them how not to be!

Anyways that’s my rant for the year lol thank you for reading 😊”

Every time I read this, I think of that verse “Then he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 18:3.

I was allowing my own feelings get in the way of this situation, letting my pride, my bias thoughts get in the way of how my daughter was viewing the situation with her innocent mind and intentions. We can learn a lot from our children. Their pure thoughts, their honesty and their unconditional love for us as their parents. I will never forget this moment as it was a day I not only learnt a lesson from my daughter but I learnt how powerful a simple act of kindness can defuse a situation full of hate and tension.

Friendship with God: Real or Cliche?

“Henceforth I call you not servant, for the servant knows not what his lord does. But I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known to you.” John 15:15 (NIV)

A friendship between two people (or three, four, ten) when bound with trust and genuine love for one another, can be a beautiful thing. Usually, true friendships require honesty, understanding and a cemented confidence that shared secrets or feelings are kept safe and sacred from the cycle of “Chinese whispers.” Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes, one would jump at the chance to offer “sweet morsels” of gossip to validate themselves by betraying a friend, thinking that’ll gain them another. But as the saying goes “One who gossips to you, will always most likely gossip about you.” The cycle is vicious and repetitive. It causes people to shut themselves down, build up barriers to barricade themselves away from everyone, in fear of betrayal and getting hurt again.

My SIL had asked her 12 year old daughter, “Who do you trust with your secrets?”  she had answered, “I trust my best friends.”  And that’s all good and well – but a 12 year old is beneath the maturity to understand that all isn’t sunshine and rainbows when it comes to friendships. She’s yet to feel the ache of a broken trust. The embarrassment of a leaked secret. The rude reality that even your friends can hurt you. And as a mother myself, with girls who are fast approaching their tween years – I know personally I can’t protect them from such hurt and betrayal. It’s a reality they’d need to experience and learn for themselves.

Thankfully, there’s a friendship we can all have if we choose to accept – and that is with our very Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Unbelievers may view God as a presence that is mean and unapproachable. Just as the snake tried to portray God as selfish and a hoarder of power when convincing Eve to eat the apple. Let me tell you, the devil is a liar! If anything, God isn’t looking for followers who are afraid of Him and can’t trust Him with their true feelings. God invites us to be His friends. And just as God had friends in the Bible who even openly complained, argued and doubted His intentions, but that’s the genuine friendship He wants with us all. The Book of Psalms is the perfect example of true feelings and emotions being expressed straight to God, no holding back. The ranting, the raving, the complaining, but also the praises, the worship and the humbling confessions – it was a mixed bag of real and raw emotions – not a continuous brag of clichés which holds no meaning or reverence to God. God offers us access to Him anytime, anywhere and anyhow. He made that possible through the Ultimate Sacrifce of His one and only Son.

So if there’s a friendship we ought to trust in ourselves, especially a trusted friend you can lead your children to – it’s our Almighty Creator and Redeemer. What other friend will offer their life to save yours? Invest in a friendship with Him through continuous conversations and meditation upon His Word. One thing’s for sure – there’s no leaked secrets within that kind of friendship.22014807_1928811677381606_2075209911_n