Declare it or Risk it.

A precautionary measure for every traveller is the provision of quarantine bins; for any last minute declaration of prohibited items from entering the country. Declaring the “bad stuff” saves you from not only a whopper of a fine, but also the embarrassment of having your luggage thoroughly searched in public (especially if you’re like me and pack like a 2 year old.)

In a way, we’re offered a lifetime to “declare” all our weaknesses that bounds us from a life of spiritual freedom. A chance to declare the sins which prohibits us from entering His kingdom.

Holding a grudge from 2009?
Declare it sister.

Jealous of a friends brand new car? Sir, please declare.

Living through worldly pleasures while ignoring the eternal treasure? My dear, quarantines this way.

By faith in Jesus’ name – let’s declare all that hold us back from eternal life with Him. Don’t go declaring it to a friend of a friend – they’ll only declare it back in your face. But declare it at the feet of Jesus – it’s hidden there and disposed of safely without the risk of broken confidentiality. Declare in the name of Jesus, and see you on the other side 😉❤️