God’s will over my way.

I’ve had a lot of women reach out to me privately this week, asking for my prayers so just wanted to send out a little (long) encouragement for you all this evening.

One thing that helps me get through my hard times, is knowing that God never promised us perfection.

So as much as we love Him or how much He loves us, things won’t always go the way we want.

I use to pray and ask for things to go “this way” or not to go “that way”. For example: “please let me get this job” or “please take away this problem for me”, and when it didn’t happen, I would always feel disappointed or feel like God never heard my prayers and even more embrassing, I would get mad at Him like a spoilt child who didn’t get what she wanted😏

But nowadays, I’ve changed my approach.

I still ask for what I want, but now, I always ask God to let His will be done, and to please give me the strength, knowledge, humility and peace to endure, accept and deliever whatever it is He needs me to do.

As hard as life can get and confusing as it may seem sometimes, God promised that He will never forsake us.

Everything we go through in life – the good, the bad, ugly and sad, might not make any sense now, but there is a purpose for it all.

I like to tell myself that I just need to have faith, trust in God’s timing and believe in my heart that He has a plan that is much bigger than just me.

Don’t lose heart or faith my sister’s, keep fighting the good fight! God can see our struggles, and He can also see our strengths❤

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