Treasure our elderly.

As you progress in your life, don’t forget to reflect on your actions.

Don’t forget the actions of those around you that helped you progress.

Don’t forget the sacrifice of your loved ones in your life that have helped you along the way, including Jesus.

Never forget the people that opened their hearts to help raise you and the hands that helped lift you up in prayer.

I wrote this after watching an elderly lady struggling to push her shopping cart to the supermarket on her own and it got me thinking about my nena.

While some take their parents and grandparents for granted, others are praying they still had theirs around.

Don’t forget to check in on them, even if it’s just a phone call.

As we get older, so do they.

Every day with them is a blessing so make every day with them count!

One thought on “Treasure our elderly.

  1. Love this sis! This is so true. While my grandmother has been in the hospital for the past 2 months (since Dec 23) and has been transferred to different units and facilities in between, I’ve realized that time waits for no one. I grew up looking forward to each summer they would come up. Although, it was a struggle for them, they made sure to come spend time with their youngest son and his kids each year. Now, my grandmother lays helpless and I can’t help but be sad that those “trips” they once were able to do is now a memory. I’ve taken advantage of time and my deepest regret is not being able to get those times back.


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