Let God turn your temporary pain into eternal gain. 

wp-image-1826496119Pain. It can come in the form of a problem, an injury, illness especially a tragic loss.

I share my most recent pain with you (not for sympathys sake) but to testify that during a time I felt most guilty and unworthy, God shows His power through our struggle. Four days ago, a blessing I had growing inside of me had separated from my womb at 3.5 months. Filled with so much grief, I had also lost a monstrous amount of blood. The doctor notified that without a blood transfusion, my survival was in question. In a daze from a critical low blood pressure, the room just kept spinning as my Mum held me in comfort. The nurse (God bless her) must have sensed my hesitation because she then took that opportunity to ask “Do you go to church? You believe in God?” I just nodded towards her blurry silhouette. “Then you must know that we can’t ask God to take our problems away. But we can ask Him to give us a way through them.” I knew my only choice was to sign for the blood transfusion if I ever wanted to see my kids again (whom at the time left for QLD with their father.) I got through the transfusion and am now recovering both physically and emotionally. It’s a pain that was out of my control, but I could either praise my way through it, or turn rogue and blame the world. That day, I let go and let God. He gave me the human support I needed through friends and family. But mostly, He reminded me of His promises and love for those who stay faithful to Him. 
In times of trials, it’s easy to fall into the “woe is me” trap and question why God allows such pain. But we shan’t be ashamed to delight in our weakness. Let’s not feel discouraged to praise through our troubles. That’s the best place God works His power and miracles through. The place we feel ashamed to reveal in fear of being judged. The dark corners we entrap ourselves in when we feel unworthy or not good enough through the eyes of society.

God sees and knows all – He only wants to see if we trust Him enough to give it ALL to Him. Once we do, we are free to boast and glorify in HIS NAME because His righteousness covers our imperfections. Let’s not waste our pain, but let God turn it into eternal gain.

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