A family that Prays together, Slays together.


“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” – Ephesians 6:4.

My sister celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday, which also means the celebration of my parents 30th wedding anniversary.

As I sit here today and reflect on the life my parents have built and the battles they’ve fought together, I praise God for the blessing that is family, and for blessing me with parents who stayed together, prayed together and slayed together.

2 parents and 6 children make up our family. We grew up poor. Our parents sacrificed so much to make sure we didn’t have to struggle growing up and to be honest, I didn’t even know we were poor until I got into high school.

I remember having to wake up early hours of the morning and getting dropped off to my grandmother’s house as a kid, so both mum and dad could go to work. I also remember, and I’ll never forget, that no matter how tired they were, they always made time to get together in our lounge either at nena’s house, or at home before we slept, to sing songs of praise, recite bible verses and pray together as a family and I’m so happy to say, that it still happens in our home today.

30 years later, God has seen their hard work, heard their prayers and continues to bless us kids, their heirs.

My siblings and I aren’t known to be “successful” in the eyes of society or the eyes of those around us, but we are truly blessed through the eyes of our Lord, who has heard our cries and seen our tears. Who continues to guide us through our fears, so our stories can be told as blessings to our childrens ears.

I’m so grateful and fortunate to know that it doesn’t matter if we’re fighting amongst each other, we always stand together against others. No matter the bruising or pain we bring to our parents feet, they always pick it up and carry our burdens with us, disappointed but unashamed. For their love comes from a place of acceptance and understanding, that we are weak but they are strong in faith and wisdom. Wisdom to teach us to learn from their mistakes, and to know that everything in this world is temporary but God is everlasting. So no matter where we are in life to never forget, that God comes first. We can have all the money and status in the world, but if we don’t have Jesus in our lives, we have nothing.

They always remind us that friends come and go, but family is forever. We have to stick together, because the devil will always try to test us, but if we have faith and believe in our hearts that Jesus Christ is our savior, we won’t have anything to worry about. For Jesus walks ahead of us, God watches our back for us and His Holy Spirit is within us.

Happy 30 years of love, courage and perseverance Solomona and Aotea Tyrell ❤🙏.

Love you always,







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