Friends. How many of us have them?


I’m not going to say I’ve never said anything bad behind anyones back before, because that would be a lie. But what I will say is, I won’t let anyone say anything bad about my friend, behind their back.

I consider myself a loyal friend so I don’t really like making any “in between” friends. If I’m not comfortable to share how I feel with you, then I can’t keep it real with you. And if I can’t keep it real with you, are we really friends?

Ain’t nobody got time to kick it with mediocre friends who are only down for a good time, not a long time.

I’ve been let down by people I considered “friends” before, who are always so quick to tell me everything so and so said about me, yet they’re slow to mention they said nothing in my defence.

I had to cut those people out of my life, but I didn’t use a knife 😉 I asked The One who paid the price, to forgive anyone that brings me strife and if they’re meant to be in my life, teach me to be obedient to your teachings, through my prayers and your sound advice 😊🙌

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