Are they jealous though?


We hear it all the time – “They hate me cause they ain’t me”, “Jealousy is an ugly trait”, “They hate you cause they’re jealous” , but when you think of all the people you don’t like, are you jealous of them or is it something else?

We’ve all done some things in our lives that we aren’t proud of, but that doesn’t mean we are bad people or we don’t deserve another chance.
I know why some people don’t like me and it’s not because they’re jealous.
I’ve said bad things behind their back and they found out. Now they don’t like me but instead of denying the facts, I accept it. My bad, I’ve learnt from it, now let’s move forward.
I’ve told someone something someone told me in confidence and they found out. My fault, no excuses, I’m sorry.
I can sometimes come off too confident for some people, and that’s not my problem but people have different taste but they aren’t jealous.
Even if there are people who hate you because they’re jealous, you don’t need to say it, just pray it.
Unless you hear from that persons mouth “I hate you because I’m jealous of you” don’t assume they do, cause you know what they say about those that assume 😉
God sees everything that’s in your heart and on your mind, so before you even open your mouth, He knows your intentions. So let them be of good vibes and great times, uplift and spirit shift! Be yourself and except your flaws and be honest enough to know when you’re wrong.


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